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Polybus International Industrial AT, VME, cPCI, Multibus Enclosures

LaserWest Buggy

State of the Art electronic with welded steel construction designed for demanding rail service. New constuction or surfacing.

State of the Art

A full machine control of the Line and Surface, vertical curve compensation for Buggy Length, PLC driven for easy software upgrade and with a bright color 1024 x 768 pixel 9.7" touchscreen display.

New Feature

The LaserWest Tamper control system will soon interface with Trimble Railway Solutions surveying software.

General Information

Polybus International has designed for LaserWest a proven technology with over 10 years of in the field service. Designed to be rugged and dependable to meet the harsh rail road environment. All enclosures are welded from 16 gauge steel with NEMA 12 higher rating. All switches are IP-65 or higher rated for outdoor uses.

The LaserWest machine control system can be retrofited to most buggies. If you need a new buggy, the LaserWest Buggy comes with 3 actuators (Line,Surface,Surface receiver) and alight Bar for Line alignment. Actuators have full control from inside the cab and switches on the box for outside local control. Actuator calibration is simple as setting the zero then moving the actuator and 10 inch and done. We use resettable curciut breakers, so there are no fuses to fail or replace.

Pricing and Information

Consult Factory 1-510-276-7103